We’re relationship makers, story tellers, strategists, and dreams-crafters.

We have over a decade of experience in San Francisco’s technology industry. We’re executioners – always behind the scenes – who spark exciting experiences for the brands and people we empower. Below are the companies that groomed us, where we blossomed as sales & marketing experts, and where it all began.
As salespeople, we believe that technology should elevate the game. This is paramount not just for our team but the real heroes of our story, our clients. At the forefront of rejection, we are the warriors that drive innovation by failing 999 times and standing back up 1000 times stronger. Today, we’re a committed team on a mission, to humanize the way the world views the sales process, making it a truly enjoyable transaction for all parties.







ClosedWon® started as a humble team of listeners, who care deeply about our community, environment, and animals. We’re obsessed with our clients’ success, so we fight for the most impactful results.

Our integrity goes beyond ‘removing your shoes at the door’. We celebrate diversity and inclusion by sharing our home with our network. This is a family, where we design work to meet the demands of life, where traveling becomes our teacher and performance is measured over office presence. We know that distance requires much more purposeful communication.

That’s why working at ClosedWon® means no BS politics, where transparency is key (we’ll tell you when there’s salad between your teeth).

You bring tenacious value and go out of your way to challenge paradigms yet balance it out by protecting the ClosedWon® family.

This is how we build a world without missed (meaningful) connections. We bring this same passion to the success of our clients daily.

Our Team

Paul Andre De Vera


Verushka Patana

HR & Compliance Manager

Zen Lenon


Charleen Lenon

Data Manager

Rick Treleaven

Partner Manager

Eva Vidovič

Art Director

Valerie Spektor


Princes Criste

QA Rep

Denephew Kate Sulaik

QA Lead

Nate Turner

Software Engineer

Justin King

Client Success


Happiness Hero

Do you want to accelerate your deal velocity?

If our clients are closing more deals while enjoying life, then we’ve made a dent in the universe.
ClosedWon® is where work becomes a playground.