What is ClosedWon?

ClosedWon empowers sales folks to closing more deals while enjoying life. We do this with Luna, a sales enablement AI, which will provide lead intelligence real time. ClosedWon empowers sales teams with lead automation, campaign optimization and sales enablement backed by key performance indicators

Workflow Overview

Does ClosedWon guarantee results?

We lead the industry in B2B Sales Leads and Appointments for a reason. Getting you qualified appointments based on your targeted demographic is what we get paid to do. With our Performance-Driven Model and our high output, you’ll get an unparalleled ROI. Simple as that.


How do I get started?

It starts with a meeting with one of our team members and from there, we gather information such as your goals, schedule of lead delivery, plan you’re going to take, your requirements for lead automation, etc. The requirements you’re going to provide will be used by our AI for accurate automation.

How long does it take to get started?

Immediately. We begin working the moment our agreement is executed. Our onboarding team begins the process by working with you to create an implementation timeline. We start preparing your campaign for launch and will schedule several collaborative on-boarding meetings.

How to create an account?

Log in to account.



How do I edit my profile?

Once you have logged in, you will find an arrow down icon beside your name which can be seen on the upper right corner of the page and then click “Account”.

Is it required for me to link my Google accounts?

Yes, when you link your Google account, it allows ClosedWon to send automated emails through Google mail. If no account is linked then you won’t be able to use email steps when you create campaigns.

Is it required for me to link my LinkedIn accounts?

Yes, LinkedIn allows ClosedWon to send automated LinkedIn connection requests and Inmail through the given account. If no account is linked then you won’t be able to use LinkedIn steps in your campaigns.

How do I change my password?

Go to your Account  by clicking the arrow down icon beside your name on the upper right corner of the web page.

How do I change the email associated with my account?

Go to your Account to change your email.



What are team members for?

Team members can share the workload and act as force multipliers when doing sales prospecting.

How do I invite team member(s)?

Go to your Account then go to the Team tab. Click the Send More Invites icon and input the Name and email of the account you want to add.

How do I delete a team member(s)?
Can I use this service for multiple sales reps?

Yes, each team member has the ability to create their own campaign and have leads sent to it, or redistributed evenly throughout the organization.


What payment methods do you accept?

Using Stripe we can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

How much do subscription plans cost?

You can update your billing information by getting in touch with [sales@closedwon.ai ]

Where can I see my plan details?

When you sign the agreement, it will clarify all charge points and details of your plan. We recommend that you download the document after saving it to have it readily available.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can cancel your account whenever you like via the interface, no questions asked. If you cancel the plan before the end of your month’s subscription, your payment will not be refunded for that month.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No long term contract required. This is why we offer our free trial portion and several options for pricing depending on what you need.

Where can I find my receipts/invoices?

At the end of each billing cycle, you will receive an email for the receipt of services rendered.


What are leads?

A lead is an identification data gathered from a prospective buyer of a product or service. We use your parameters to pull prospective buyers into your campaign.

How do I order leads?

We are following a sequence for lead delivery which will be discussed during onboarding call. It can be bi-weekly or every 7 days. For additional leads, you can send an email to [closedwon email]  for more details.

Where do you get your leads from?

Our data comes from multiple sources, including:

  • exclusive partnerships with data providers and exchanges
  • API integration with various data platforms
  • information from public websites
  • from our research contractors who verify the information gathered and research the additional information for you, as needed.
How does ClosedWon source leads?

ClosedWon sources with the arrangement of multiple API stacks, and aggregated data properties. By combining engineers and sales leaders, we’ve built a proprietary AI that augments from a global network of protocols.  

How do you verify leads?

Our engineers developed software designed for multiple back end operations. It is used for conducting specific campaigns for our clients, including verifying leads. After the verification process, we assign it to our QAs to do a manual check.

How do you enrich leads?

After extracting the data from our sources, we transfer it to our software for the enrichment process. Wherein the software automatically filters out the invalid leads we have extracted.

What if there are duplicate leads in the delivery?

We would highly recommend to let us know by sending an email to zen@closedwon.ai  and we will expedite it as quickly as possible.

What happens if I disqualify/delete leads from the delivery?

Nothing, but we encourage you to let us know by sending an email to zen@closedwon.ai so we can revise it ourselves. We are always open for clarification in regards to the requirements you have provided if needed. The more specific and thorough requirements we have, the smarter and accurate AI will become.

Can I use ClosedWon for B2C?

No, ClosedWon is only optimized for B2B leads.

What are Suppression Lists?

When you upload a suppression list, a script will block your current leads from getting redelivered. This will make sure that you don’t get duplicate leads delivered.

How to upload Suppression Lists?

Go to your Account and click on the Suppression List tab then click the Upload Suppression icon.


What are the campaigns?

It is where you create an Email or Linkedin outreach consisting of whether it is a selling pitch or a simple follow up to your target set of leads. In an email outreach, a sequence is created which is scheduled in case the recipient didn’t reply to the previous message we have sent them. We are using a specific type of tool in which the Emails will automatically be sent depending on the schedule we have provided.

How do I create a campaign?
  1. Go to campaigns section and click “+New campaign”.
  1. Fill in the following three fields: Name:
  • What you would like to call this campaign.
  • Cohort: Select from dropdown menu what group of leads you would like in your campaign
  • Select the date you want this campaign to start on.
How do I activate a campaign?

If a client creates a new campaign, it activates automatically. For some existing campaigns where we have made changes like delete steps or additional steps, we need to run them manually. We are working on a system where clients will be able to do everything from their account themselves.

How does the Linkedin outreach campaign work?

We ask our clients for their Linkedin credentials. For concerns like security, we have carefully chosen a few people from our team to be assigned in Linkedin outreach. From there, our team will manually send your approved template to each leads’ Linkedin accounts. After sending messages to the leads, we will create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) wherein we can update who replied and/or connected.

How can I monitor the campaign performance?

We use a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in our software that can also be found in your ClosedWon account. Just simply go to Campaigns > Choose a campaign (applicable for those who have a lot of campaigns) > Choose which Step or Sequence you’re currently on. You will then see the Request, Connected, Sent, Replied, and RSVP headings.

  • Request is for the total leads in a campaign
  • Connected for those who accepted our connect request
  • Sent for the messages we have sent
  • Replied for the replied messages
  • RSVP for accepted meeting invitation.


Do you have team support?

Yes, we provide team support for paid accounts. You can invite your teammates to your account from Team Menu. You can see the item menu by clicking on your name in the top right corner.

How can I know if there’s a software update?

A member of our client success team will be in touch with you periodically. When updates are made they will send you an email with all that was accomplished. You can reach out to them directly here: have a list of current CSM’s


Can I share my account to allow someone else access?

As part of your agreement with ClosedWon, we strongly recommend that you do not share your credentials with others. If you need to share a plan with a team member, simply add them to the “Team” section of your account.

By doing this, all the members will share the common monthly quota allowed by the subscription and share list of leads. You, as admin, will be able to add/remove members as well as monitoring the activity of each member.

Who has access to my data?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy document.


What do I do when the website is down or when it crashes?

Please contact … immediately.

What languages does Closedwon support?

ClosedWon only supports English as of the moment. Other languages will be supported in future updates.

Do you offer any CRM integrations?

We are developing bi-neural sync for popular CRM’s and we remain open to integrating with specific systems. Keep your customers and past data while increasing you.