– Machine Learning Sales Prospecting –


An approval workflow that will keep you productive, all day long.

Stop wasting precious time on browser tabs copying, pasting, downloading, importing files from extensions to spreadsheets/CRMs.

Why are companies switching to ClosedWon®?

Because they are getting rid of manual sales prospecting once and for all.

Order potential customers and approve on/demand. ClosedWon® AI will deliver look-alike buyer persona(s).

Don’t worry, we’ll never deliver duplicate contacts.

We only recommend the most responsive prospects. If you disqualify any prospect, we will replace contacts.

Increase your success deliverability rate by up to 97% within 30 days.

  • It looks like you don't want to risk wasting money
    and you want to give your sales team the best
    sales enablement support. Here are a few things
    to consider...

  • $50,000+
    The industry average salary for sales
    development rep today is $50k.
  • 4.1 months
    It takes 4.1 months for an SDR to fully ramp up, which
    is $50k/12 months = $4.1666/month. We'll let you finish
    the rest of the math.
  • 5.8 tools
    An SDR rep will use an average of 5.8 tools in order to
    research, vet and engage with a potential buyer.
  • 2.8 years
    Let's face it. No one want to be an SDR forever. The
    average tenure for an entry level sales development
    rep is 2.8 years.
  • $128,478
    From startups to enterprise. companies are
    investing $128,478 per year on 1 SDR.
  • What are you waiting for?
    If you are going to make that kind of investment, why not put the
    ClosedWon® iron man suit on your sales rep?

The return you can be proud of.

This calculator simulates the potential ROI that you could realize by choosing ClosedWon®.